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our dedication to creating meaningful change is embodied in our commitment to donations. We believe in the power of giving to uplift communities, empower individuals and drive sustainable developments

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Empowering minds,fostering knowledge and shaping futures at AGEF education is at the core of our mission.

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At AGEF ,we work tirelessly to give the best .through dedicated efforts, we aim to create a lasting impact. join us in our journey to make the difference and build a better future together

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we respond to pressing needs,delivering swift and effective solutions.with commitment to our principles,we strive to adress challenges and make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve

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AGEF has diverse impacts, contributing significantly to social, economic, and environmental progress. we often address issues like poverty, healthcare, education and human rights. We empower communit
ies through grassroots initiatives, promote sustainable development and advocate for policy changes .we aid in disaster relief, conflict resolutions and environmental conservations fostering positive change on local and global scales




Our Stories

strategic issues and interventions

AGEF is addressing key strategic issues arising from our review of the environment both internally and externally.
1:Citizens’ participation in the undertaking and decision making in all matters affecting their lives including implementation of the new constitution and the devolution governments’ plans.
2:Economic empowerment for marginalized groups. Community access and utilization of local resources
3: Impacts of Environmental degradation and Climate Change
4: Youth and Women Social-Economic Empowerment.
5: Strengthening Weak household safety nets
6:Violation of Children’s rights (Strengthened Child Protection Interventions)
7: Strategic partnerships in development.

we have made impact through the inspiring stories of individuals whose lives have been transformed. From overcoming adversity to achieving remarkable milestones, our narratives reflect the heart of our missions and the positive change we strive to bring to communities


What People Say About
Our organisation


joining forces with AGEF has been a rewarding experience.Their unwavering commitment to creating positive change is inspiring ,and am proud to be part of their mission


I have had the privilege of collaborating with AGEF, and their passion for social impact is truly contagious. The collaborative spirit and dedication of the team make them stand out.


I am a proud recipient of the vocational training provided by AGEF. Now equipped with skills, i have the means to support my family and contribute to the economic growth of our community

More than 500+ consumers have put their faith in us

Success Story

community development

In collaboration with the community, we initiated a sustainable development project.Today families actively participate in and benefit from the developments.

some of the Events

Education is the cornerstone of empowerment at AGEF. we are committed to providing accessible and quality education to uplift communities, sustainable development and building a brighter future for all

At AGEF, we believe in the power of collective action to create positive change. Your support can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need. By making a donation today, you become a partner in our mission .

At AGEF, we recognize the power of collaboration and teamwork in achieving our mission. Our dedicated team is the driving force behind the positive changes we aim to bring to communities in need. Together, we are committed to creating a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive

Empowering Lives, Igniting Hope. Together, we stand as architects of change, building a world where compassion knows no borders and every heart has the opportunity to flourish."

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social work

Empowerment through compassion creates a ripple effect of positive change in the world

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Great Together!


An Agent for sustainable development of rural communities in Kenya in an empowered society.


To facilitate the empowerment of rural marginalized communities through capacity development, Advocacy & Influencing policy, Collaboration &strategic partnerships, networking and linkages so that they can actively engage in sustainable development guided by equal opportunities for all.


Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC) from 0-18 years through age appropriate programming, Women& Man, The Youth-both females and males, Farmers organizations, Persons Living With Disability (PWDs), Community  vulnerable and disadvantaged groups, Rural and the Urban poor.


The organization has an office located at Chuka town serving Tharaka Nithi, Embu, Isiolo and Meru Counties It has established strong and cordial working relationships that result to being hosted by various CSOs, Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Self Help groups, Learning institutions, Faith Based Organizations and farmers Organizations (FOs), the Private Sector in every supported county to cut down the expenses on running many offices.